Written by: Aaron Whitten

Heath care can be divided into two camps: those who believe in the need for drugs to heal and those who believe in the power of the body to heal itself. Pharmaceuticals present an effective means of treating symptoms yet do nothing to strengthen the body’s own innate defenses against disease. In contrast, utilizing proper nutrition can provide the body with the means to prosper and flourish even in the presence of many illnesses. What is proper nutrition? In short it is real food. Not processed, manufactured or altered by man, just actual food. The body is exquisitely designed to use the nutrients found in healthy foods to overcome most sickness and lead a long life. However when it is barraged by toxic chemicals and refined sugars it is unable to extract the needed elements to support even basic functions. In essence our modern diet starves our bodies of the building blocks necessary to fend off disease while saturating it with excessive calories from carbohydrate and fat. We live in a paradox where overweight diseased people are actually starving to death from malnutrition.

Our experts can provide the needed knowledge to rebuild your body from the inside out. We can show you how to return to the eating habits that nature intended for us before man unwisely attempted to improve upon them. Adopting such measures will revitalize your own internal ability to heal and thrive and free you of the falsely assumed need for common medications. Eating wholesome foods is also the answer to weight control issues without cumbersome diets or pills. It is truly a sustainable lifestyle since it is the way humans ate for millennia. Only with the advent of our modern society has obesity skyrocketed, providing proof of the efficacy of earlier eating habits.

The human body is the most complex piece of machinery known yet can equally beautiful in its simplicity. Relying on the clean, natural fuels that it is designed to use can allow you to reap the benefits of vigorous health. Let us show you the way to work with your body instead of against it, with a reliance on organic whole foods instead of chemically laden poisons that sicken you with each bite. Imagine a new you in the New Year, healthy on the inside and out. Take the first steps today toward true health!